Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What is With the Weather In Colorado?

According to Cousin Deb, who lives about an hour outside of Denver (in this precious ski village) it SNOWED! at her house this week. OK folks, it’s the middle of August! According to (if you are still using weather channel then check this site out) the temperature is like 82 during the day and 52 at night. What do I pack?? Its 100 degrees in Atlanta – all my cold weather stuff is still packed under my bed!

If you missed the August Birthday Party last Saturday at Sandra and Harlon’s house then you missed THE best Inman Park Party of the year. Among the about 100 people at the party was Atlanta’s own political pundant and long time family friend, Tom Houke, lamenting that he is going to miss most of the good parties, ‘cause he doesn’t get to Denver until Wednesday. Don’t worry Tom, I’ll party enough for the both of us. I’ll even agree to call your cell phone and tease you about it!

I have collected the names of at least 6 people from Atlanta who are going to DNC. Among them, Margaret Kaiser, State Rep for House District 59 (I think). Chad Brock from the Jim Martin for Senate campaign (yee ha!). Emily Schunior, President of Young Democrats of Atlanta – great group.
I think I am too old for this group… there like a ‘Middle Age Democrats of Atlanta’ group somewhere? – OH YES THERE IS!! They hang out at Manuel’s on Tuesday nights…..perhaps I'll join that group.

FOUR days and counting....

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