Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Friday, August 15, 2008

Musings on Political Heroes and 'Sheores'

Boyd Lewis is going to follow my blog - omg! I am so honored and rather intimidated –like to the point of distraction. I’m going to have to meditate and repeat a montra before I put finger nails to key board for my blog from now on. I am a HUGE Boyd fan! He has done shit I can only dream and plot about. He relayed his 1988 Democratic National Convention story to me in an email recently; “I did "The Democrats and Democracy" for WRFG at the 1988 convention using a big press badge i copied from an official White House badge I got when Reagan visited Atlanta. I got in everywhere except places where they knew just how
goddamn bogus my badge was.”
Now just how cool is THAT!!? He encouraged me to be original and creative – oh the pressure! Boyd is one of my heroes – so I’ll try not to let him down.

I have other political and practical heroes and ‘sheroes’ (a term my girlfriend Frani just gave me). They have inspired me all my life – literally. My parents are my first heroes (Bud, Miki and Ruth Anne [adored wicked step mom]). Many of you reading this blog know and love them, too. My folks have been involved in politics for over 50 years so it courses through my blood like the high cholesterol I also inherited. Raising money for Elis Arnold by cruising a local fundraiser in my cutest dress, big blue eyes and sand bucket with an Elis Arnold bumper sticker firmly affixed – how old was I Miki - 2? 3 yrs old? The songs of protest taught to me by my father – many written by him. The marching. The organizing. The fundraising. The campaigning. It’s as natural to me as breathing and as much a part of me as my freckles. I don’t think of it as ‘being political’- it’s just what you do.

Boyd knows all this about me. So he sets the bar high for me as I blog through this experience. Thank you Boyd for reminding me to include the fun and adventure and sense of wonder that Molly Worthington brought to the 1988 convention.

Here is Molly’s 1988 adventure as conveyed to me by Boyd: One of most popular features ["The Democrats and Democracy" for WRFG ] was a series of imaginary letters on the air by Molly Worthington who was a delegate from Hahaira, Ga. on her first trip to the big city. She satirized politicians, culture and the media with a razor sharp eye on the absurd irony of it all. The report that had the town rollicking for months was her wide-eyed visit to a lesbian bar on Cheshire Bridge Road, never really understanding where the small town girl had gotten herself into. A frikkin hoot!!
Molly is my new ‘shero’!

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Anonymous said...

You go girl! Have a great time, do the right thing and stay out of trouble and above all vote Obama, Obama,Obama

Peace out,