Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Vote or Dress Warmly

You are mad as hell.  You’re on a cruise ship headed for Alaska and you did NOT pack for cold weather.  YOU were expecting hot breezes and sandy beaches.  YOU brought a bathing suit and sunscreen.  YOU learned how to say ‘cervesa por favor’ and ‘donde esta el bano’ but instead you are headed for parka weather and closer to where they say ‘dasvidaniya’ and ‘nastrovia.’

As you complain and carry on with great vigor and passion to your equally disgruntled fellow passengers, you are reminded that this was a ‘Democratic Cruise’ and you knew that when you bought the ticket.    Everyone nods sullenly and takes a sip from their hot tea (not a cold rum and coke, you note angrily).   Yes, you knew there were two options when you boarded the boat but you JUST KNEW everyone would vote for Mexico!!  What idiot votes to voluntarily go somewhere cold when there are warm sunny beaches to lie on?

Yes, you knew that the vote was at 7pm but the cafeteria had warm banana pudding that night and well, how could you pass that up?  After all, EVERYONE was talking about Mexico. EVERYONE said they were voting for Mexico.  What did it matter if you stayed for pudding?  One vote doesn't really count.  Right?

As you continued to talk with the other passengers snuggled close around the table for warmth, and who, like you, had already gone back to their stateroom to put on several more layers of clothing, someone at a nearby table casually mentions that there are over 2,000 passengers on the boat, but only 100 showed up to vote. 

It takes a minute for that to sink in.  You do the math…5% of the passengers decided where 2,000 people would go on vacation?  WHAT??!  That’s not FAIR!!  Then you remember the banana pudding.  And at the next table that passenger who shared the vote tally with you gets up, waives good-bye and strolls off for a walk around the deck in her very snugly warm wool coat and cap and you sink into your chair for a very long, cold trip.

Vote or wear warm clothes, ‘cause it’s gonna be a long, cold ride. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Open Letter to Dubose Porter

Open Letter to Dubose Porter

Mr. Porter, welcome and congratulations on your recent election to the State Democratic Party leadership.   I was born and raised in Atlanta, voted in my first election in 1980 as a Democrat (of course) and have worked for, and with, this Party to elect Democrats for over 30 years.  I am a Post Seat Holder and proud member of the Fulton County Dems.  I love my State.  I love my City.  I am a proud but disappointed Democrat.  As such, I’d like to ask a favor from you now that you are our new Party leader.   Please reach out to the people who opposed you in this recent election for Chair and find a way to ask for their support and collaboration.  Seal the divide in this Party’s leadership in Georgia and show that we can all stand as one House united.  Be humble.  Be inclusive.  Recognize that the elected Democratic leadership in Atlanta must play a big role in this State Party’s success.  Put a stop to the internal bickering and personal, ego-driven agendas that plague our Party and help us find one common voice.   I am confident you can do this.  I have faith in you, but it won’t be easy.    

It will mean you have to actually work harder at being Chair than you did at being a candidate for Chair.  It means you will have to stand up to the throngs who worked to get you elected and remind them that their divisive rhetoric must stop, for the good of us all.   Help us find a new voice; a kind, supportive voice.  Help us walk a new path; an inclusive and righteous path.  Help us forge a new vision; a long range, strategic and inclusive vision.   I know it’s a lot to ask.  If you will do this, then in exchange, I will work for you.  I will commit, I will raise money, I will renew my energy and my faith in this Party.  Please tell me now, can you do this for us?  Can you do this for Georgia?