Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Friday, January 6, 2012

pre-Beltline memories

I have lived 2 blocks from the now named 'Atlanta Beltine' since I was a child and all us neighborhood kids knew about it. It wasn't JUST 'discovered' like some hidden City mystery or 'invented' by a thesis paper. It was a place of children’s adventures and games. It was a secret path to a world of wonder. It was a respite from home chores. It was stolen kisses in the tall grass. It was mischief over Ponce de Leon. It was the fastest way home when you knew you were gonna be late. It was hidden cigarettes and beer in the dark.

Play grounds now become new paths, new parks, new adventures, new dreams. Childhood's precious private memories are really never lost. But for me, this one will be preserved to shared with all the world. Amazing and beautiful. Precious and sacred. Making new memories and dreams for other children, small and tall.

This ATL Gal is grateful to clever minds with gentle hearts who have embraced 'the vision' so millions of new souls will walk our secret childhood path to new adventures of their own.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

City Council did it right.

It was a classic debate with all parties fully engaged and demonstrating their passion and conviction to do it right. And they did do it right. I think this City Council, Mayor and staff did it right. Yes, Council should have had more time to review the materials. Delivering legislation of this magnitude at the last minute is unfair. That said, if any of them were concerned about the process then they have phones on their desks like everyone else and their office IS in the same building as the Mayor's. Work it out.

No, I don't think there was any validity to complaints that the process was 'rigged'. (Personal note of disappointment - no Manuel's Tavern at the Airport.) The staff of the Airport and the Mayor's office did a terrific job both outlining an effective process AND showing great conviction under fire for the decisions made. My personal perception is that the process, both for identifiying the selection team AND managing the RFP, was thorough, well constructed, transparent and clear to bidders and well executed. No process is perfect. There will be losers - move on.

As for concerns and snide comments about campaign contributors getting the contracts - GROW UP! This City is so small that EVERYONE is a contributor to SOMEONE'S campaign. The question is; was this process handled at arms length? And the answer to that was very clear after last night's discussions were complete; YES.

This ATLGal is quite satisfied with the results.

Airport contracts send city council into overtime

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Atlanta ranked as best city to find a date in 2012 - CBS Atlanta 46

Atlanta ranked as best city to find a date in 2012 - CBS Atlanta 46

Really??? perhaps this year WILL be better for me!

ATLGal on the Go

Georgia rethinks its prison stance  |

Georgia rethinks its prison stance
..."It costs Georgia $51 a day to keep drug offenders and other nonviolent criminals locked up." times 60,000 inmates by 2016, that equals $3.1 million dollars per day!!! And how much do we spend on schools? After school care? Hope Scholorships?

Yep! waaaaay past time for this conversation.

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