Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Travel Day - 1st party - elevation (wow I'm way up there)

It's about 12:30Am ATL time - and I am ready to fall into bed. It's been a good, slow first day. Breakfast with my brothers (Bill, James and Joe - I made pancakes with blueberries to prove I am a good sister) to say my 'goodbyes' as I head the mountains and they head to the beach.

Plane flight was rough, but I saw (and hugged) Congressman John Lewis before we both boarded Delta flight 747 for Denver. The ride was bumpy in a few spots and at one point it was so bad that a few people were acting rather worried, and the flight attendants discontinued service. But I was confident that we would not go down in a firey ball because John Lewis was on this flight and I figured he had it in good with God and so there was nothing to worry about. So I read my book What Happened by Scott McClellan to get myself in the right frame of mind. I have to recommend this book for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is I have learned how valuable it is to get into the head and thought process of ‘the enemy’ if you want to be properly armed to beat them.

I sat across the aisle from the oldest delegate at the Convention - he is from South Carolina and he was reading his speech. He told me he was a Hilary delegate but he really liked Obama. Love this guy! He received visits from a few dignitaries including a former Governor from South Caroline from ‘79 to ‘87, Richard Riley, who spoke to him with great respect and deference. Nice. I love the south for our tradition of respect for our elders.

Cousin Deb met me at baggage claim. Then we were off to our first party of the week. You remember that I had been pressed into wearing my best cowgirl garb (sans the boots, because I just was not going to take them off at the airport! But I did get the handkerchief from Chris. Thanks, baby. I looked really cute.) A reception at a private home in a bedroom community called Arvata, about 15 miles outside Denver. Hostess was Dyan Alexander with Astra Zeneca. Yummy BBQ (considering we weren’t in the south) and a good band (I knew all the songs and sang along), Thanks Dyan, I had a lovely time!

Then Cousin Debbie and I headed through Boulder – GORGEOUS! and into Nederland, a small mining town turned locals' ski village, about 18 miles outside (and another 2,000 feet above) Denver. Still in transition to the altitude – good day to take it easy. Think we may go horseback riding tomorrow! WOW, photo op there, for sure.

Well, night, night. I am bushed…no, no that’s the wrong phrase to use here. I’m exhausted. Can't upload my pictures from my Blackberry 'cause I have to email them to myself, but there is no cell reception up here in God's sky. So photos will have to wait.

good night.... the morning brings promise of another day in political paradise.

Listen to this song

I have 5 minutes between the moments of frenzied insanity trying to gt out the door to post a quick note to ask you to listen to this wonderful protest song by my friend Bobby Don Bloodworth of Georgia. He has a message for Barack Obama, for us all, that will touch you - I promise. My mother (remember her? the one who made me do this blog) has donated space on her business web site for a link to Bobby’s song. Go here

Here is where I get serious for one moment. Change only happens when we ALL stand up and demand it. I am standing up. I invite you to stand up with me. I know you are busy - we all are. But we MUST stop this war and save the Planet for our children and their's to come. There are some great/brave people out there who want to help us do this but we MUST get them elected. Start locally, volunteer on someone’s campaign – Martin, Obama. Make calls, stuff envelopes, put out yard signs. It is the time for change. THIS is the moment when change can happen. Don't you feel the excitement in the air? Visualize a BLUE GEORGIA!!!! Stand up now.

See you in Denver!

Friday, August 22, 2008

We're off to see the wizard...the wonderful wizard of Oz....

I fly tomorrow baby!!!!! And SO much has happened over the last few days. Where to begin???
Ok 1st, I packed - that was a major accomplishment! And of course I am taking the BIG suitcase because I have 'work clothes' and then like a different outfit (shoes included) for each party occasion.

2nd I got my volunteer assignment is the reason I am going, after all (well that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

3rd I made arrangements for my kid and my dogs to be taken care of while I am out of small feat.

4th I have found like 5 or 6 more people I know who are going to convention, including Kwanza Hall, my City Council Rep, for one. I think ½ the city of Atlanta will be in Denver and the other half wants to be in Denver.

5th I got invited to a luncheon where one of the Clintons are suppose to make an appearance. No truly!! And if this happens I will wet my pants and Cousin Debbie will have to remind me to breathe so I don't hyperventilate and faint. I don’t even care which one shows up – I ADORE them both! (You know, as long as we are here, I never did understand that whole media fiasco around Bill getting a blow job in the Oval Office.)

6th and perhaps the most important, I arranged for a ride to and from airport so I don't have to pay for parking. (hurray!).

Brothers James and Bill arrive into Atlanta tonight at like 11:30PM and as I NEVER get to see them (they live in Manhattan), I suspect I will be up all night visiting and I'll be so excited about my trip I probably won't sleep and I’ll probably talk a million miles a minute and make no sense and I’ll repeat myself as I ramble on about the party plans and people I hope to see and I’ll have to sing at lease one chorus of…I’m off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, I hear he is a Wiz of a Wiz, if ever a Wiz there was….. – I promise, no comments about how much I’d like to see his ‘magic wand’ sitting in that powerful chair – OK?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Networking baby!!!!!!

I know you think that selecting a candidate to run on the Democratic ticket is like the most important thing that is going to happen in Denver next week, but I would disagree completely. You already know by now that I think the parties and receptions are what it’s all about, but I just got my invitation to THE party of the YEAR. I am going to the Diplomatic Corps and International Political Leaders Reception sponsored by Coca-Cola!

Ms. Anna Foote Copello

On the occasion of the 2008 Democratic National Convention
Madeleine Korbel Albright Tom Daschle
National Democratic Institute

Tom Farer
Josef Korbel School of International Studies
University of Denver

Richard N. Haass Robert E. Rubin
Council on Foreign Relations

request the pleasure of your company
at a reception
in honor of the

Diplomatic Corps


International Political Leaders

on Tuesday, August 26
5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Denver Art Museum
Ponti Hall

I’m going to see Madeleine Albright and Tom Haschle! Someone pinch me, quick!!!
Well, how did I land this juicy invite you might ask (that even Tom Houke won’t be attending)? And well you should ask, because I am way too low on the Coca-Cola Corporate food chain to swing this on my own merits. Networking! My friend Doug Teper is the MASTER at networking – he is brilliant to watch. He knows everybody. I am convinced he only is 2 degrees of separation from the entire world. He makes networking into a fine art and by keen observation (and he’s cute, so this part is easy) I am learning some of his tricks.

So, I called my friend Kelly (a drinking buddy at Manuel’s Tavern and connected to Dekalb County Democrats) and he hooks me up with is buddy Oliver (who is 75, knows everyone in GA politics and is going to DNC too – of course!) and he in turn hooks me up with his dear friend Tami (lead lobbyist for Coca-Cola Corp, based out of Washington DC!) Tami, when she hears me drop Oliver’s name, practically swoons at the name of her mentor and dear old friend and (and learns I work at Coca-Cola) promises my anything! Next thing I know, I have this invitation in my inbox. I was brilliant – a true Teper protégé.

Now for the bad news: Tami made me pinky swear I would not take anyone with me to the reception, so Cousin Debbie can’t attend with me. I am so completely bummed that I have to ditch my own cousin and hostess and person who made all this possible [of course I am going to!]. She has let me off the hook, though, and even offered me the use of her car. I love Cousin Debbie, don’t you?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What is With the Weather In Colorado?

According to Cousin Deb, who lives about an hour outside of Denver (in this precious ski village) it SNOWED! at her house this week. OK folks, it’s the middle of August! According to (if you are still using weather channel then check this site out) the temperature is like 82 during the day and 52 at night. What do I pack?? Its 100 degrees in Atlanta – all my cold weather stuff is still packed under my bed!

If you missed the August Birthday Party last Saturday at Sandra and Harlon’s house then you missed THE best Inman Park Party of the year. Among the about 100 people at the party was Atlanta’s own political pundant and long time family friend, Tom Houke, lamenting that he is going to miss most of the good parties, ‘cause he doesn’t get to Denver until Wednesday. Don’t worry Tom, I’ll party enough for the both of us. I’ll even agree to call your cell phone and tease you about it!

I have collected the names of at least 6 people from Atlanta who are going to DNC. Among them, Margaret Kaiser, State Rep for House District 59 (I think). Chad Brock from the Jim Martin for Senate campaign (yee ha!). Emily Schunior, President of Young Democrats of Atlanta – great group.
I think I am too old for this group… there like a ‘Middle Age Democrats of Atlanta’ group somewhere? – OH YES THERE IS!! They hang out at Manuel’s on Tuesday nights…..perhaps I'll join that group.

FOUR days and counting....