Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Travel Day - 1st party - elevation (wow I'm way up there)

It's about 12:30Am ATL time - and I am ready to fall into bed. It's been a good, slow first day. Breakfast with my brothers (Bill, James and Joe - I made pancakes with blueberries to prove I am a good sister) to say my 'goodbyes' as I head the mountains and they head to the beach.

Plane flight was rough, but I saw (and hugged) Congressman John Lewis before we both boarded Delta flight 747 for Denver. The ride was bumpy in a few spots and at one point it was so bad that a few people were acting rather worried, and the flight attendants discontinued service. But I was confident that we would not go down in a firey ball because John Lewis was on this flight and I figured he had it in good with God and so there was nothing to worry about. So I read my book What Happened by Scott McClellan to get myself in the right frame of mind. I have to recommend this book for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is I have learned how valuable it is to get into the head and thought process of ‘the enemy’ if you want to be properly armed to beat them.

I sat across the aisle from the oldest delegate at the Convention - he is from South Carolina and he was reading his speech. He told me he was a Hilary delegate but he really liked Obama. Love this guy! He received visits from a few dignitaries including a former Governor from South Caroline from ‘79 to ‘87, Richard Riley, who spoke to him with great respect and deference. Nice. I love the south for our tradition of respect for our elders.

Cousin Deb met me at baggage claim. Then we were off to our first party of the week. You remember that I had been pressed into wearing my best cowgirl garb (sans the boots, because I just was not going to take them off at the airport! But I did get the handkerchief from Chris. Thanks, baby. I looked really cute.) A reception at a private home in a bedroom community called Arvata, about 15 miles outside Denver. Hostess was Dyan Alexander with Astra Zeneca. Yummy BBQ (considering we weren’t in the south) and a good band (I knew all the songs and sang along), Thanks Dyan, I had a lovely time!

Then Cousin Debbie and I headed through Boulder – GORGEOUS! and into Nederland, a small mining town turned locals' ski village, about 18 miles outside (and another 2,000 feet above) Denver. Still in transition to the altitude – good day to take it easy. Think we may go horseback riding tomorrow! WOW, photo op there, for sure.

Well, night, night. I am bushed…no, no that’s the wrong phrase to use here. I’m exhausted. Can't upload my pictures from my Blackberry 'cause I have to email them to myself, but there is no cell reception up here in God's sky. So photos will have to wait.

good night.... the morning brings promise of another day in political paradise.


Anonymous said...

Hello Anna! This trip sounds like so much fun!!! I hope you are having a blast. I'll be looking for ya on TV in the background somewhere. Enjoy the festivities and be safe!!!

Tina Jones

Anonymous said...

"... up here in God's sky."

Ain't that the truth!