Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Networking baby!!!!!!

I know you think that selecting a candidate to run on the Democratic ticket is like the most important thing that is going to happen in Denver next week, but I would disagree completely. You already know by now that I think the parties and receptions are what it’s all about, but I just got my invitation to THE party of the YEAR. I am going to the Diplomatic Corps and International Political Leaders Reception sponsored by Coca-Cola!

Ms. Anna Foote Copello

On the occasion of the 2008 Democratic National Convention
Madeleine Korbel Albright Tom Daschle
National Democratic Institute

Tom Farer
Josef Korbel School of International Studies
University of Denver

Richard N. Haass Robert E. Rubin
Council on Foreign Relations

request the pleasure of your company
at a reception
in honor of the

Diplomatic Corps


International Political Leaders

on Tuesday, August 26
5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Denver Art Museum
Ponti Hall

I’m going to see Madeleine Albright and Tom Haschle! Someone pinch me, quick!!!
Well, how did I land this juicy invite you might ask (that even Tom Houke won’t be attending)? And well you should ask, because I am way too low on the Coca-Cola Corporate food chain to swing this on my own merits. Networking! My friend Doug Teper is the MASTER at networking – he is brilliant to watch. He knows everybody. I am convinced he only is 2 degrees of separation from the entire world. He makes networking into a fine art and by keen observation (and he’s cute, so this part is easy) I am learning some of his tricks.

So, I called my friend Kelly (a drinking buddy at Manuel’s Tavern and connected to Dekalb County Democrats) and he hooks me up with is buddy Oliver (who is 75, knows everyone in GA politics and is going to DNC too – of course!) and he in turn hooks me up with his dear friend Tami (lead lobbyist for Coca-Cola Corp, based out of Washington DC!) Tami, when she hears me drop Oliver’s name, practically swoons at the name of her mentor and dear old friend and (and learns I work at Coca-Cola) promises my anything! Next thing I know, I have this invitation in my inbox. I was brilliant – a true Teper protégé.

Now for the bad news: Tami made me pinky swear I would not take anyone with me to the reception, so Cousin Debbie can’t attend with me. I am so completely bummed that I have to ditch my own cousin and hostess and person who made all this possible [of course I am going to!]. She has let me off the hook, though, and even offered me the use of her car. I love Cousin Debbie, don’t you?

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