Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Parties!!!! Is there actually a convention?

Cousin Debbie read my blog last night. Then she laughed and reminded me that I have to wear my cowboy hat and cowboy boots on the plane because when she picks me up we are headed to our first 'theme' party! Seriously folks - it's one program/ party / 'unconvention'/ event after another and 'THE' actual convention is an incidental activity that happens at the Pepsi Auditorium. Okay - now for those of you know I work for Cola-Cola have GOT to see the irony in that!!! Seriously, I have to bring my own Coke Zero with me.

I occurs to me that at some point I am going to have to confess to my boss that I am going to be spending an entire week at the Pepsi Center. I wonder if I have to file a special request with Coca-Cola for permission to go inside a Pepsi facility?
(note to self..check into that) Think I'll have to go through a scrub down when I get back to work - or worse! a piss test to prove I didn't drink any Pepsi - God forbid!!! (Dan - promise, I will resist the temptation.)

I was talking about a cowboy hat and boots - which I don't own because I live in Atlanta, not Dallas. So I went to EBay and bought a $29.99 cowboy hat. Got it last week and I think I look kinda cute in it. My son disagrees but who listens to a 13 year old anyway?

Cowboy Boots? hhmmmm.... the flip flops I intended to wear on the plane are clearly out. Damn. You know how hard it is to take off and then put boots back on while you are standing in front of a hundred people trying to get through security at the airport? Of course you do! They are going stampede right over me. OK Cousin Debbie - I'll do if for you. This party better be good.

Gonna have to borrow a real cowboy looking bandana to make the outfit complete. Perhaps Chris will lend me one of his - he has like a hundred of them. He's from Texas after all.

What am I going to Denver for? ... oh yea, to make history.

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