Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Cousin Debbie came through. Here is the schedule

Great music, great speeches, great people (John Lewis and tribute to MLK, Howard Dean, Al Gore - I can't take a deep breath I am so excited!)...and then our next President!!!

We are going to get there around 3PM so its gonna be a loooonng afternoon, but no complaints here. I am going to witness history.

The party atmosphere here has not overshadowed the clear weight of what is really happening. Miki called me in tears yesterday, and I so totally understood where she was coming from. How did it take so long for us to get here? and... How wonderful it is that we finally are!!! She was remembering all the people who aren't with us anymore and who deserved to see this day...Bud, for one. Papa has been very present for me while I have been here. There is a t-shirt sold on the street here that reads 'This is What a Feminist Looks Like', and I kept thinking that, if he were still with us, I would have bought one for him, and he would have worn it proudly.

Gotta leave this village in the sky for Denver go get the tickets and figure out how to get to the field. Look for me in the cheap seats!

What a wonderful world...

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