Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quick update from Internet Cafe on Pennsylvania St In Denver

Working on about 4 hours of sleep because Cousin Deb and I partied with New Hampshire delegation until 1AM (she was a former State Legislator for 8 yrs in NH - did I mention that before?). Then drove 1 hour back to her cabin in the sky and then up at 5:30AM to drive back to Denver to crash the GA Delegation breakfast to hear Jimmy Carter speak. It was standing room only, but we found a couple seats and made ourself to home.

There have been 3 events so far this convention that moved me to tears - Unconventional Women's forum, Hilary's speech and now Carter's speech. I have goosebumps just remembering how gracious and unassuming he was at that podium, but so crystal clear that we must now unite as one party to make REAL change for those that need it most. A dear, wonderful man - the Pride of Georgia and a gift to our Nation.

Saw some wonderful old faces and new friends -Chad Brock from Jim Martin's campaign (who told me I had just missed Jim - damn!), Richard Ray and Lonnie Plott who I worked with when I was CEO of IBEW's Credit Union (Lonnie hired me - and today gave me a warm hug when he saw me), Kwanza Hall (got a great picture of him with President Carter).

Another long day ahead of me, but I think I'll have time to recap yesterday's and today's events tonight, in my next blog entry - and upload some more photos.

Kisses from the mile high city!

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