Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Saturday, January 21, 2012

An Old Friend is getting the respect she deserves

This ATLGal thinks Sears/City Hall East/Ponce City Market has a GREAT advocate and very creative owner/developer. Thank you, Jamestown and Greenstreet Properties, for keeping your promise.
I was in the building just yesterday. A chill of excitement and anticipation runs up my spine each time I step foot inside the halls of that old friend. I practically giggle out-loud as I push open the huge doors. You can't imagine the goofy look of child-like excitement on my face under my white Ponce City Market hard-hat as I stroll through the building.

Out comes the cell phone/camera. I take silly pictures of obscure corners and halls - click. I ask someone to take a picture of me against some indescribable part of the building - click! Which I then promptly post to Facebook (smile). As we stand waiting for the giant freight elevator to take us up 2 floors, Walter Brown points down and reminds me that the floor we are standing on will be a parking deck - click! We exit the elevator and Walter points up and describes the portion of the ceiling to be removed to construct a 2-story atrium - click!!!

I refrain from yet again telling stories of clothes shopping on this floor or the catalog store on that floor, but for a moment I am 8 years old and shopping with my mom - for just a moment, a long time ago......

As we walk through the neatest construction site I have ever seen, past stacks of separated metals and across modestly dusty floors, I am impressed with the level of reuse and recycling. Thrilled to listen to Walter talk about the life that will be coming back to this building and the work of the good stewards who are gonna make it happen. Then I saw this article.

Don't ask me why I was on the Waste Management World web site! LOL

This ATLGal appreciates Walter for letting me visit with a dear old friend and I want my neighbors to know that I think Jamestown and Greenstreet are taking very good care of her. Thanks to good work by people with heart and vision she is getting the respectful renovation she deserves.

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K. LaBron said...

John Lewis is a great guy and no doubt a force to be reckoned with during the civil rights era. But I am concerned about the future and what it means for me and so many of my peers. People always talk about John Lewis and so many others heroines of the civil rights movement. Virtually, all that was accomplished during this great era is being undone and/or is under attack right now. Our dear brother John Lewis is 72 plus years old. What is the succession plan? Or are we just waiting for these folks to pass on to glory? I like the fact that John Lewis is standing with Mayor Reed with respect to getting all of the funds necessary to complete the street car project. This is an awesome endeavor and can stimulate the local economy and small businesses in the 4th ward and Sweet Auburn District. But there is SO much MORE that needs to happen in a short amount of time. I don't feel the sense of urgency from our public officials. I don't see the collaboration with all of the community. I do see collaboration with the community members that have money :) Just thinking about succession and sustainability? Will we reinvigorate the movement or create new one? These are the thoughts that come to mind when I think about a Lion.