Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Lion Who Has My Vote

I love Congressman John Lewis.  He represents me and I could not be more proud.  Today he gave me a big smile and hug and I could feel the lion's heart that beats inside that calm, gentle chest. He talked to me about his busy day of meetings on a Saturday and his plans to be back in DC for the State of the Union address.  I told him we Mid-Fulton County Dems were planning a watch party and would look for him in the audience.  He was pleased by our plans.

We both get our nails done at the same shop in midtown off of Ponce de Leon.  He entered the salon quietly and to no fanfare.  No one looked up or whispered to each other and pointed as he took off his shoes and settled into a chair.  Respectful staff and clients did not try to shake his hand or chat as he closed his eyes to enjoy the message chair.  But his presence was tangible and known.

He stopped by my chair on his way out the door to give me a hug and to chat for a brief moment. I love his voice.  It's a familiar and reassuring voice. I have listen to his gentle personal stories and impassioned public speeches since I was a child.  I love the one about him preaching to the chickens as a young boy.   I trust him.  I believe in him.

This ATLGal stands behind the people who have stood strong against incredible odds and in the face of inhuman conditions to make our lives better and our futures brighter.   People like John Lewis.   He is my Congressman and he is my lion, and for as long as he puts his name on my ballot then he will have my vote.

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