Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Time For An Update From Inside PCM

Loki and I have now been living inside the iconic Sears Building (aka Ponce City Market) for over six months.  It seems like the right time to provide an update on our living quarters and Jamestown's progress toward opening the Market and other fun sites inside of the building.

Well, actually there is nothing to report, yet.



Nothing.   Perhaps you have noticed?

No food.

No stores.

No fun on the roof.

No access to the Beltline.

No gym.

Nothing but the continuing sound of construction on the parking deck next door (that starts at 7AM, six days a week), fire alarm tests, drilling, banging and weird sounds I try not even to notice anymore.

Well, in fairness, Binders Art Supply store opened up recently and that is a really cool store.  Been there.  No wine. So sad.

I suppose some progress has been happening; Jamestown (with some swanky digs!), Cardlytics, HowStuffWorks, several architectural firms and an adult continuing education provider have moved their offices into the building.  Now there are lots of 20-somethings on bicycles coming to work each weekday morning and that's kinda cool to see.

All the business office spaces are not filled yet - we are still expecting Twitter, soon - and ALREADY there is a parking problem.  See, we co-op our parking spaces inside the deck (a policy I completely support).  Residents get parking in the evenings and commercial tenants use our spaces during the day.

The problem is, should I come home mid day I often find it hard to locate a parking space inside the building parking deck.

I am, to say the least, disappointed at the delay in opening of the food court portion of the project.  Predictions by the residential rental team, given to me in April of 2014, had a the swinging night life and rockin' food court at PCM already fully launched by now.  It has not.  Not even close.

Out of frustration and repeated mis-steps and delays that they can not control, the current residential rental team won't even try to give a time line for when things might really begin to start hopping inside the building or on the roof.  But a birdie told me it might be late Summer or early Fall.

Each day there does seem to be indications of incremental steps forward. As Loki and I take our daily stroll we see the front parking lot is almost finished. The building trim is getting painted. Exterior lights are being tested.  Windows are being cleaned and several windows even include notification that a store will one day occupy that space, but 'Fall 2015' is a very ambiguous opening date.

The residential units are filing up. I met someone who just moved in last month and I recognized that look of excitement and anticipation on his face as one I once wore - for the first few months after I moved in.  I get that look from time to time, like when we I get to stand on the roof and think about someday... someday.... but not today.

I do still love my compact Flat. I still love living in Old Fourth Ward. Loki and I still love living across from Historic Fourth Ward Park.  I still love being so close to the Beltline.

I do still love to read the excited articles filled with great anticipation about PCM from publications all over the world and enjoy all the hype on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., eagerly reporting who will SOON be coming to the Food court.

In fact, I was featured on CNN International recently and that was super cool (warning; shameless personal plug here - see me at 2 mins 58 seconds)

I do still get a little giddy when I see the work being done on the roof that will one day be a hip and trendy bar with THE best views in Atlanta.

It's true, there are so many things I love about where I am living.  To some extent that does make it easier to accept the time it is taking to finish this work, I suppose.

Mostly, I'm probably feeling more like the kid standing outside the candy store about 10 minutes before it opens.  And you know how 10 mins can seem like 6 months when you are waiting for something so wonderful to happen (no wait, it has been 6 months).

So Loki and I are signing off until there is something more to write about.  We're going for a walk to enjoy the Spring weather and check out the banners they just hung on the side of the building.  Nick Cave will be performing in the building this month.  That's kinda cool - right?

Stop by and say 'hi' if your in the neighborhood. You know where to find us.


Anonymous said...

Any ideas on how the gym will be shared between residents and business employees when it ever opens?

I really hope some of the important amenities ie food hall and gym are partially functional by the summer. Rooftop access and maybe a grilling station would be nice as well.

Unknown said...

Anonymous - I have been given no insights about the gym access or use, save that the equipment is due to arrive for installation any day now. Don't bet on is being open before June 1.

The Food Court is also likely not going to happen before the summer. Word is, most food vendors will begin to come on line slowly and probably not until late summer.

Yes, disappointing that it is taking so long, but they tell us that 'good things come to those who wait' here we are doing our imitation of Job. :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I guess I will sign a lease and hope for the best. God help me if I am forced to sign another LA Fitness contract.

I've seen plenty of preview menus of the food hall and its certainly something to look forward to.

Unknown said...

Give me a ring when you land inside. 404 538 2729