Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Monday, January 5, 2015

90 Days Inside Ponce City Market Flats

Dec 3 - the 90 day anniversary of our move into Flats at Ponce City Market and Loki and I are settling in to a comfortable routine.

We rise each day to a very sunny and quiet apartment but the sounds of construction begin pretty quickly (by 7:30, many days).  The evidence of life coming back into this old building again is everywhere. There are over 100 of us living in the building now.   We encounter neighbors more frequently now and I think EVERYONE has a dog! Loki is in heaven.  I now have neighbors on both sides of me and directly above me but, except for the occasional distressed sounds of a dog with separation anxiety, I really don't hear them. 

We take a walk each morning through 4th Ward Park and find that crossing North Ave at 7:30 am is easier than you might think - we rarely have to wait for the light to change, because the road is almost empty.  

I often wonder to myself how long that will last now that over 1,000 apartments have come on line within a few blocks of this very spot over the last 3 months.  AMLI, BOHO, 755 and PCM have saturated this area with rental units for eager future Beltline users and North Ave drivers. I'm told over 200 more apartments are planned for the space now occupied by Masquerade Music Park.   So, while its oddly quiet for now, we know its coming. Today it's just the quiet before the storm. I keep an umbrella by the front door.


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