Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Morning Walk with Loki on the Beltline

ATLGal and Loki headed out this morning to get caught up on the progress of the NE Beltline trail construction and we thought we'd share a few photos of the progress.

We were thrilled with what we saw and are eager for more warm morning walks.

shshshsh....don't tell anyone we were on the path without our hardhats!

Above; Well, still a bit of a daring walk across Ponce bridge, but certainly safer than it used to be.   We used to have to walk on the narrow rails and you could see straight down to the street between the rails. :-)  Note the broken sign on the right of the bridge.  Great fun as a kid, but it was a bit nerve wracking as an adult -LOL.

Above; On North Ave. Bridge with a bit of graffiti and and urban camper.  
Old Sears Building, now Ponce City Market, on the right

Above;  Looking west up North Ave.  
That parking deck at Ponce City Market on the right
 is going to be history very soon! 

Above; Great skyline view over the old Excelsior Mill 
(aka; The Masquerade) 

Above; Graded and ready for pouring the path at Poncey-Highland.

Above; Poncey-Highland does have some wonderful urban Art near the Beltline.  
Look at this colorful wall at our skate park off of North Ave (yes, behind the barbed wire).

Below; passionate and strong imagery on two walls of one building on Sommerset.

Below: a warning to train riders hanging out 'alfresco'  as they approach the 
old Sear building warehouse - DUCK!!!

Get ready - the Beltline is going to open up a whole new world to the residents of, and visitors to, Atlanta.  

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