Panorama of my town

Panorama of my town

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lights on under the Gold Dome

So this morning under the Dome, on this warm but rather dreary morning, they switched on the lights, dusted off some chairs, dropped a few (rather stupid) bills and started counting backwards from 40. And now it starts. Not much fanfare and no sirens went off (I live rather close by, so I think I would have heard them) but still I awoke thinking and wondering; what would I say if I had 5 minutes at the well?

My mind and heart falls quickly onto my dear friend Sen. Fort as I’d wish for him a speedy recovery and many more 'give em hell' years.

Can I be slightly hopeful that immigration reform conversations are turning (maybe, just maybe) to a more civil discourse now that our farmers are stating the obvious? I could appeal to the rising cost of food and the need to support local agriculture. I might wax philosophical and appeal for human hearts to be open to the plight of those who have come here looking for ‘the promised land’ much as most of our own ancestors did before.

I’d have to hold my tongue firmly as I reminded dogmatic legislators to please remember, it’s my body, I was born with it alone, I will die with it alone. Please leave it alone and let me decide what is best for my family.

Mostly though, I’d thank those men and women who have open hearts and open minds and who fight the good fight against ridiculous odds. Legislators like Nan, Margaret, Kathy, Stacy, Simone, Vincent, Mary Margaret, Pat… you are my heros. You start the session on your feet and keep swinging for the full 40 days and I love you for it. I’d promise to be in your corners. Raise money for you. Get the vote out for you. Do my part so you can keep swinging.

And so to my friends in Georgia, I’ll be knocking on your doors soon and asking for your financial support 'cause this ATL Gal is ready to rumble!

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Lynda said...

You go girl!